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Live Tweets: Hotham Community Forum

Yesterday night,  Azlan Petra (@azlanpetra) sat on @TheTwoChairs and live tweeted at Hotham Community Forum for the proposed repeal to Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

The live tweets showcase the voice of many concerned communities who are affected by the proposed changes. The federal government focuses their sight on the ideals of free speech but are blind to the realities  of the people who experience racism and racial vilification in their lives. Continue reading Live Tweets: Hotham Community Forum


The case of being “Anti-White”

The Adventures of The Story Collector - Being Anti-White

Source:“Being Anti-White” by Suzanne Nguyen

The other week, while curating on @TheTwoChairs, I came across two new words: “white genocide” and “anti-white.” As a person interested in learning more about race and racism, I was rather mystified.

At first I thought maybe it is a satirical approach to ‘reverse racism.’ It wasn’t.  Continue reading The case of being “Anti-White”

Treaty and self-determination the way forward: @TheKooriWoman

TheKooriWoman is a massive Alex and True blood fan.
Photoshopped by @stringstory

Alex, you can contact me on Twitter: @TheKooriWoman cc @TrueBloodHBO

“Faux” feminists like Mia Freedman are holding back feminist and intersectionality debate in Australia, according to @TheKooriWoman.

And @TheKooriWoman added that she believed a treaty recognising the country’s Aboriginal citizens was the best way forward.

In a twinterview via the @TheTwoChairs twitter account, @TheKooriWoman agreed that Australia lagged internationally when it came to intersectionality, especially regarding feminism.

“It’s decades behind. And with faux fems like Mia ‘leading’ modern feminist debate, it always will be,” she tweeted.

A website publisher and television panelist, Freedman’s comments about rape and alcohol consumption prompted debate last week.

@TheKooriWoman said that Australia needed a  treaty acknowledging Aboriginals.
“Through a treaty will come self determination. Dedicated seats in parliament. And our voices heard thru elected reps,” she said.

And as someone who has weathered numerous trolls (and an MP who sort-of-but-didn’t-really apologise for his “get over it” comments), @TheKooriWoman had this advice for dealing with the sometimes brutal encounters involved in social media: “I disengage, walk away. Self care is paramount and something I cant stress enough. There’s no rule that says you cant come back.” Continue reading Treaty and self-determination the way forward: @TheKooriWoman