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Omar Musa ‘Slam Poetry of The Street’

“This is the Australia I saw” ~ Omar Musa

What an amazing storyteller. I had the privilege of being there at TedxSydney 2013 and I saw Oma Musa perform. This is a performance that continues to leave a deep impression. I like to say more but I think you should just watch it.

What did you think? Did you learn something new about Australia? What did you learn?


How The Two Chairs can help white people.

Over the past few months I’ve had lots of opportunities to talk about The Two Chairs and the discrimination issues that we are tackling. Some are excited, some add their own personal stories, some tell me about their special friend that they can call the “n” word (ugh). There’s one particular group that I wanted to write about though: the ones we can teach.

When we start talking about The Two Chairs, it’s as though they develop a speech impediment. They start talking slower, pausing between words to make sure that they’re not about to say something insensitive. They start using awkward, unnatural phrases like “persons of ethnicity”.

After this happened a few times I finally worked out what was happening. They’re afraid I’m looking for an opportunity to leap over the table, grab them by the collar and yell triumphantly that I had managed to catch a racist out! Continue reading How The Two Chairs can help white people.

I hate ‘Chinese Food’


Patrice Wilson (of the song ‘Friday’ fame) is back with another viral hit, and this time it is casual racism at its best. Alison Gold is a tween pop wannabe, a foodie celebrating her love of Chinese food. Culturally awkward, it’s cringe worthy.

Allow me to save 3.5 minutes of your life; Gold prances around after a night of clubbing (yes, this 11 year old is hungry after a night of dancing), she is so hungry and wants to eat Chinese. Here’s a little snippet of the song, in the chorus, she sings:

Continue reading I hate ‘Chinese Food’