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Utopia gives a voice to the oppressed

Utopia, what an eye opener!

The first time I heard about Utopia was on Twitter, interestingly, the documentary was first released in the UK. Twitter gave the impression that it was an eye opener.

Thinking about it now, John Pilger wanted to send a clear message that the Australian government was treating its first people inhumanely and that change needed to happen. To release it overseas was a smart tactic as it help focus attention and build momentum.

From the first tweet and reviews that I had read online, I look forward to seeing the documentary. Still I wasn’t fully prepared to learn the dark truth about Australia. I wrote a piece about my experience at being at Redfern to see this doco. Have a read here.

Have you watched Utopia yet? What did you think of it?

Share your experience and thoughts at the comments below.

– post written by Suzanne Nguyen


Apology Day anniversary


Yesterday was the National Sorry Day anniversary. Six years ago Kevin Rudd delivered the Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples and became the first Prime Minister to apologise to the Stolen Generations. Continue reading Apology Day anniversary

Educate our children about racism

My personal memories as a first generation Italian growing up in Australia are quite positive. My parents migrated to Australia from Italy in the late 1960’s, and have told me that initially they did encounter racist slurs and comments, especially in the workplace. My parents could not speak English well and had no way of defending themselves. Continue reading Educate our children about racism