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Indian Film Festival – Special events and live tweeting

IFFM Queen

The Indian Film Festival is a Victorian Government initiative that aims to strengthen cultural ties between the Indian Film industry and Victoria. Currently in it’s second year, the program extends to film, dance and master classes.

Together with the Australia India Institute, the Indian Film Festival is hosting a talk with Konkona Sen.  Konkona Sen has appeared in both mainstream and arthouse movies in three languages, including the film the Film Festival is closing with on Sunday.

Topic: Arthouse v. Mainstream
Location: Satyajit Ray Memorial Leture
Time: Tonight at 6pm
Booking and details here

Also, Live-tweeting the event on @TheTwoChairs is Benjamin D. Skevofilax.

The festival closes this weekend with Gayonar Baksho, a comedy drama about a jewellery box handed through three generations of women. The screening is on Sunday 11 May from 7:30 at Hoyts in Melbourne Central. Tickets available here.

Konkona Sen has appeared in both mainstream and arthouse movies in three languages, including the film the Film Festival is closing with on Sunday.

Benjamin D. Skevofilax is a Melbourne based writer, independent filmmaker and cinephile with a passion for films and multimedia storytelling from countries around the world that explore how diverse and creative our world is and how we can encourage and incorporate more diversity into our lives and entertainment.


Asian Women Are Not Accessories

So, Arvil Lavigne goes out blazing with ‘oriental’ glee and went out with a Hello Kitty bang.

There’s no link for you to watch the terrible cultural appropriation, I rather not waste three of minutes of your life. There’s no need for you to fume and cringe. All she does is sing (in an slight ‘Asian’ tone) ‘arigatou’, ‘hello kitty’ and ‘kawaii’. It’s really not that cute. Continue reading Asian Women Are Not Accessories

We’ve got two double passes to Jennifer Wong’s show  (Sunday 30th, 6.15pm) to give away.

Just answer this question:

Who is the most racist, Barbie or GI Joe. And why?

Send us your response by 5pm today and the best (and funniest) response will be notified.

1. Tweet it to us @TheTwoChairs with the hashtag #MICF
2. Email us a 50 word response to

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Omar Musa ‘Slam Poetry of The Street’

“This is the Australia I saw” ~ Omar Musa

What an amazing storyteller. I had the privilege of being there at TedxSydney 2013 and I saw Oma Musa perform. This is a performance that continues to leave a deep impression. I like to say more but I think you should just watch it.

What did you think? Did you learn something new about Australia? What did you learn?

The Two Chairs with Kate Iselin ( You are welcome in Australia comic )

Dan (Editor of TheTwoChairs) sits with Kate Iselin to chat about her new comic book Pozible campaign.

First off, please introduce yourself and your current project.

My name is Kate Iselin and my project is a Pozible campaign for a comic called “You are welcome in Australia

Continue reading The Two Chairs with Kate Iselin ( You are welcome in Australia comic )

Sexual Orientation

Sikh are humans

Don’t freak, I’m Sikh.

So the next time you see a Turban man walking down the streets, remember that he is a man of love, equality and peace.

We are taught to love and protect people of all religions and races. That’s why Singhs are given these unique faces.

See, my turban is a crown. A uniform, and a symbol against oppression.
83,000 thousand Sikhs died fighting in the World Wars. That’s something they teach you at history lessons.

In fact, Sikhs, by far, are the community with the lowest number of people in prison.

We are not criminals or terrorists. We are law abiding citizens.
58,000 thousand Gurdwaras produce 6 million meals a day.
Our responsibility is to serve humanity in every way.

It’s in our blood to live as democracy. It’s in our blood to fight against tyranny.
Our Guru gave his life so everyone can practice their faith and freedom.

So the next time you see a Sikh, you know the turban’s true meaning. My turban reminds me to be a good person.

So let me repeat my opening statement: Don’t freak, I’m Sikh.

(Spoken word by Pardeep Bahra)

Vanity Fair and It’s ‘Colourful’ Cover


Have you checked out the amazing cover for this year’s Vanity Fair?

SMH, an Australian based newspaper, had the audacity to release a headline with the word “colourblind.” Such poor choice of word a lack initiative and understanding; it’s a sad state of affairs to have a headlines as clickbait when it should be something to celebrate. Vanity Fair is also known for attracting criticism for excluding non-white actors and actresses.

The word “colourblind” has always been a confusing term, like the word “privilege”. Continue reading Vanity Fair and It’s ‘Colourful’ Cover

Blackface in Korean Comedy

Gag Concert with comedian Sam.

Just as the Asian-Americans on my social media feeds were grumbling about “yellowface” on Saturday Night Live, South Korean actors wore blackface on popular comedy sketch show, ‘Gag Concert’.

To which I say “really, Korea? Chinjja?

I’ve been an obsessive Gag Concert fan ever since I first watched it on a long bus ride from Seoul to Busan. Korean comedy has a different feel to Western comedy. Gag Concert has the production values of a high school play and favours surreal, overly exaggerated slapstick humour. I like it because it parodies aspects of Korean life – from the oppressive workplace and nauseatingly cutesy dating culture, to ridiculous Korean dramas and diva-esque K-pop stars. It’s very silly but, at times, creative. Continue reading Blackface in Korean Comedy

Carriers of ‘Yellow Fever’

Carriers of “Yellow Fever” are the people who are struck by the social syndrome. A carrier’s dating preference is to be with Asian women. They love to go around and say “Konichiwa” and approach Asian women with swagger and shout out “Wo Ai Ni.” Because they are white, they believe they have the right to date kawaii little cute oriental girls. It’s okay to believe that Asian women are demure pretty lotus flowers or geisha-like creatures with big eyes. They sincerely believe that their love for Asian women is not on the basis of Kubrick’s “Me love you long time” scene, even though many would love to hear that from the lips of an exotic China doll. For them Asian women are beautiful and wonderfully demure. Not stereotypical at all. In their little white privilege world, Asian women are exotic and sexual objects. Let’s not forget, Asian women are weak and small that they have an urgent need to be protected and put on a pedestal. Oh hail, creepy white men struck with Yellow Fever.
Continue reading Carriers of ‘Yellow Fever’