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The Two Chairs 2.0

Hey folks. You might have noticed that the blog has been on hiatus and we apologize for that.

Life gets in the way and The Two Chairs has been working behind the scenes to make certain projects happen and coming up with new ideas in our race thinklab (is that a word? It is now.).

We’ve been staying connected through our Facebook page and through Twitter but we will be featuring new content on this site soon! We promise!

To start it off (The Two Chairs 2.0), here’s a video by Marlon James, the first Jamaican writer to win the Man Booker prize in 2015, asking this question:

“Are you a non-racist or an anti-racist?”




Omar Musa ‘Slam Poetry of The Street’

“This is the Australia I saw” ~ Omar Musa

What an amazing storyteller. I had the privilege of being there at TedxSydney 2013 and I saw Oma Musa perform. This is a performance that continues to leave a deep impression. I like to say more but I think you should just watch it.

What did you think? Did you learn something new about Australia? What did you learn?

Everyday Racism – App review

Everyday Racism is an iPhone app released by All Together Now designed to literally put you in someone else’s skin and experience casual racism. You choose between three different characters, and over the course of a week multiple scenarios are presented to you and you then choose your reaction. We here at The Two Chairs chose a character each and tried it out.

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The Two Chairs sits w. Zayaan

Suzanne (founder of TheTwoChairs) sits with Zayaan Jappie (@EvefromWestside) and talks about (lack of) diversity in Australian film industry.

Topic of discussion: It’s Women International day. Lets celebrate by discussing diversity and women in the filming industry 🙂

Join us and find out on Sunday.

Zaayan Jappie studied film at UTS (NSW, Australia) and ITESM (Mexico). Her first film Rima; about a young Muslim who wears the veil and works in the modified car industry in Western Sydney was selected for various local and international film festivals, including the Dubai International Film Festival, Dungog and Arab Film Festival. She also worked in LA assisting Luke Doolan, an oscar nominated director/editor. Eve is my next special project, the script was guided by producer Daniella Ortega. Eve was also a finalist for a Script Pitching Contest for Colourfest Film Festival 2013. Zayaan is currently raising funds to make the film, check it out at:

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In response to a 21st birthday African themed party, the young girl and her friends set a racist outcry. Regardless of her unintentional intentions, one needs to think and consider the bigger picture and realise the potential harmful impact of other cultures. Painting your face black is not cool.

On another note, I had a great discussion on @TheTwoChairs about the African themed party and why we shouldn’t condone this behaviour/attitude. Follow the discussion here

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