Suzanne Nguyen @stringstory

Suzanne Nguyen is a story collector and artist, she founded The Two Chairs as a way of using creative conversation to openly discuss race and racism. Currently, she is compelled to explore the intersection of community and digital media to create positive social change and diversity.

Daniel Machuca @Melbtown

Dan is the Editor-in-Chief for The Two Chairs. He is a first generation migrant, where my parents migrated to Australia from Chile only a couple of years before he was born. He believes that there have been some great victories for equality, but more needs to be done at a grass roots level in order to help others change their behaviour. He wants son to grow up in a world where it’s normal to treat others as people instead of according to their gender, race, religion or sexual alignment, and he has joined The Two Chairs to help make that a reality. He looks forward to hearing your contributions to the project.

Azlan Petra @AzlanPetra

Azlan Petra is a budding cultural facilitator; community support worker and an advocate for anti-racism and human rights. His work in The Two Chairs examines and explores narratives on race and hopes to find ways to talk about race and racism that will inspire empathy, understanding and solidarity. He also loves cats and chocolate. 


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Discussing and Collecting Stories about Racism in Australia

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