Dr. Hunt says “Reverse racism is not a thing.”

So, we know that “reverse racism” is not real, yeah? (thanks Aamer)

Here’s another explanation courtesy of Dr. Hunt, who is using theĀ “innovative approach to bridging the gap between academia and society” by explaining Critical Race Theory through memes.

Too easy and pretty good, huh?

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The Two Chairs 2.0

Hey folks. You might have noticed that the blog has been on hiatus and we apologize for that.

Life gets in the way and The Two Chairs has been working behind the scenes to make certain projects happen andĀ coming up with new ideas in our race thinklab (is that a word? It is now.).

We’ve been staying connected through our Facebook page and through Twitter but we will be featuring new content on this site soon! We promise!

To start it off (The Two Chairs 2.0), here’s a video by Marlon James, the first Jamaican writer to win the Man Booker prize in 2015, asking this question:

“Are you a non-racist or an anti-racist?”