This Week In Racism


This week in racism, actually more like on Monday 18th of September, news about racism overwhelms social media and the news:

ONE: Black isn’t quite local enough

“There are a lot of white customers at the café and I think the clients here want local people, not African people” says the Forbes and Burton’s owner.

A barista was refused a job on the basis for being ‘black’ and not ‘being local’.

The quote alone shows the generalized view of Australia, he assumes that Australia people are just White. Also, the barista happens to be Brazilian, the café owner confuses his racial identity as African.

We applaud the way Nilson Dos Santos has handled the situation. Instead of lashing out and directly calling out the overt racism, Dos Santos shares his experience with the patrons and consequently, as a sign of solidarity, many walked out.

Source: Daily Mail UK

Racism level: Low
While it’s offensive. It’s low because over racism is easily recognised and now that it so publicised, it was able to be resolved.

TWO: Muslim Land? What… homogeneity and gross generalisation

Daily Telegraph delivers another moment of sensationalized news by homogenising Lakemba as ‘Muslim Land’. The article is an anecdotal experience and how is this enlightened journalism, it’s mostly hearsay and misinformation. Lakemba is not a monoculture suburb. ABS stats has shown that 50% of the population are Muslim.

Source: Daily Telegraph, Abs stats

Racism level: Medium
Daily Telegraph acts a tabloid newspaper that all about clickbait. How is it racist? It’s insidious as it builds and perpetuates a negative assumption and generalizing a culture as ‘dangerous’. Its written with enough sensationalism that it triggers a xenophobic attitude.

The creative positive:
@MarkarMM creates a poetic response
We Are Real Mannequin: A satire Facebook has been made, it’s hilarious.

THREE: Chinese are not mongrels

On live national television, Clive Palmer jumps on QandA and describes Chinese as “bastards” and “mongrels” who shoot their own people.

Then the world went topsy-turvy, when Pauline Hanson responds back and scolds Palmer for his narrow-mindedness.

Source: The Guardian

Racism level: Low
If it’s overt, it’s low.

FOUR: A little Bolt Report

On the Bolt front, the sensationalist attacks QANTAS campaign with Recognise as a racist propaganda campaign. What? The one thing that did turn up as ‘good’ is that Bolt was reprimanded for ‘colourblind’ ideology.

Source: The Guardian

Level of racism: HIGH
There an interesting level of double standards happening here. What Craig Emerson did to Bolt, he is using the same argument used by Marcia Langton. But she has to apologise for noting Bolt’s views of ‘fair skinned’ Aboriginal people.

Read Celeste Liddle’s response to Recongise campaign

And it all happened on Monday. Just another day in Australia. Wooo

Written by Suzanne Nguyen

How the racism level scale works
Seen as overt racism, where racism is exposed and expressed out in the open for public view. It is intended to be overt for the purposes of continued racism and spread of expressed ideas within the general public

A situation that has been (or somewhat) resolved would go under here.
Think name calling or KKK-like style.

Covert racism, so subtle that many don’t recognise what they said as racist. It manifest in differentiated treatment of others on a personal, and often less identifiable level.

Anything that oppresses a race and culture also fits into this category.


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