ARC #1: How Racist are we?

A month ago, the four of us met together to discuss a delectable ‘feelpinion’ by Mark Sawyer and responded to “How racist are you?”

On my part, I like to say that in Australia there is a high level of low level of racism, which includes micro-aggressive racism. Not only is the piece written by middle class White Australian who never been exposed to racism, he really believes that the type of overt racism does not exist. His piece is a reflection of a overall attitude of Australia’s perspective of race and racism. Sawyer’s view is sadly lacking of depth and understanding. Even his examples only demonstrate how ignorant he is. In an ironic twist, he talks about micro-aggressive racism but doesn’t realise that he has written about racism.

I walked past it when a man in Spain told me he was ‘‘working like a black’’, when an old girlfriend asked whether I still ‘‘smoke like a Turk’’ and when a fella in country NSW offered me his ultimate accolade: ‘‘Thanks mate, you’re a white man”.

~Mark Sawyer

Each of us have very different backgrounds and experience. But we banded together to discuss and counteract some of negative views found on media.

I wonder if there is a way to help raise racial awareness in Australia and recognise that racism does exist. One step a time, we can only hope

– Summary written by Suzanne Nguyen

Speakers in the video:
Cultural and social commentator. Found of @IndigenousX

Saman Shad, Storyteller and writer for Guardian Australia and SBS.

Gary Paramanathan, organiser and founder of ‘Colour Fest’, a diaspora and migrant film festival.

Artist and online community facilitator, founder of @TheTwoChairs


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