Asian Women Are Not Accessories

So, Arvil Lavigne goes out blazing with ‘oriental’ glee and went out with a Hello Kitty bang.

There’s no link for you to watch the terrible cultural appropriation, I rather not waste three of minutes of your life. There’s no need for you to fume and cringe. All she does is sing (in an slight ‘Asian’ tone) ‘arigatou’, ‘hello kitty’ and ‘kawaii’. It’s really not that cute.

Asian culture is not a ‘novelty’ to be dismissed and used as entertainment or one’s disposal.
Yeah, I’m looking at you America and Hollywood.

Still, have you noticed a pattern of a late?

Today was Arvil but before her was Gwen Sefani and her Harujuku posse; and Katy Perry with her geisha backdrop.

The thing is:

Asian women are not meant
to be your props;

Asian women are not your backdrops;
Neither are they ‘oriental’ displays;






3 thoughts on “Asian Women Are Not Accessories”

  1. Stupid. White pple getting pissed off by a Japanese video made by Japanese people in Japan for a Japanese market with a white singer they imported. OMG the racism. Yes the racism coming from all the whiteys telling Japanese how to do it, go bother yourselves, not us.

  2. No worries Ulallala, what you are witnessing is not much more than the media’s swarm idiocy, attempting to assign racist or derogatory intent where there is none, after being called out for their use of subtle derogatory displays which were actually racist.

    However “racism” is not really accurate, as media people believe themselves to be above all people. It’s more of a classism wherein the media seriously believes they are above the rest of the world.

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