Harmony Day Event

The Two Chairs is happy to announce it’s latest art gig. As part of Harmony Day, T2C is part of the Head On: A Human Library Project.


The Human Library Project is about:

Having a meaningful one on one conversation and interaction with an inspiring ‘living books’ from Vietnam, India, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Mozambique about their life here in Maribyrnong, as newly arrived and settled refugees and migrants. You can talk to them about their journey to Australia and their challenges and triumphs of being a part of our community. Look for our beautiful marquee and bring your family and friends to be a part of this unique event.

Suzanne’s Synopsis

My name is Suzanne Nguyen, I was born to parents who escaped the war in Vietnam and seek refuge in Australia. As a child, I grew watching the Banana in Pyjamas and now as an adult; I believe that they too are Asian Australians. I am a practicing artist interested in cultural identity, race and racism. I love to eat my mum’s cooking and I’m a coffee fanatic. Would you like to sit with me and listen to my story?

As part of the experience, there are three Stereotypes that Suzanne would like to challenge:
• Asians are obedient.
• Asian likes to eat rice everyday.
• Asians parents are unreasonably strict and pushy.

RSVP to the event and click here


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