Sikh are humans

Don’t freak, I’m Sikh.

So the next time you see a Turban man walking down the streets, remember that he is a man of love, equality and peace.

We are taught to love and protect people of all religions and races. That’s why Singhs are given these unique faces.

See, my turban is a crown. A uniform, and a symbol against oppression.
83,000 thousand Sikhs died fighting in the World Wars. That’s something they teach you at history lessons.

In fact, Sikhs, by far, are the community with the lowest number of people in prison.

We are not criminals or terrorists. We are law abiding citizens.
58,000 thousand Gurdwaras produce 6 million meals a day.
Our responsibility is to serve humanity in every way.

It’s in our blood to live as democracy. It’s in our blood to fight against tyranny.
Our Guru gave his life so everyone can practice their faith and freedom.

So the next time you see a Sikh, you know the turban’s true meaning. My turban reminds me to be a good person.

So let me repeat my opening statement: Don’t freak, I’m Sikh.

(Spoken word by Pardeep Bahra)


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