Vanity Fair and It’s ‘Colourful’ Cover


Have you checked out the amazing cover for this year’s Vanity Fair?

SMH, an Australian based newspaper, had the audacity to release a headline with the word “colourblind.” Such poor choice of word a lack initiative and understanding; it’s a sad state of affairs to have a headlines as clickbait when it should be something to celebrate. Vanity Fair is also known for attracting criticism for excluding non-white actors and actresses.

The word “colourblind” has always been a confusing term, like the word “privilege”.

In this instance, I think people will assume that the black actors featured on the cover are simply there based on political correctness rather than merit (a claim that is rarely placed upon white actors I’ve found).

And in Australia, if the movies featuring these black actors aren’t widely seen or well received (due to poor promotion), that claim may be mistakenly regarded as true.

If only this type of article actually tried to critically look at why “Whiteness” is seen as the norm.

Something else should be considered is how other news outlets have chosen to headline this issue. Note The Guardian’s take on it:

“Why this year’s Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue cover is a Great Leap Forward.”

Speaking of which, have you seen any of the movies performed by the actors, a lot of the themes does have race based themes?

Written by Azlan Petra and Suzanne Nguyen


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