Carriers of ‘Yellow Fever’

Carriers of “Yellow Fever” are the people who are struck by the social syndrome. A carrier’s dating preference is to be with Asian women. They love to go around and say “Konichiwa” and approach Asian women with swagger and shout out “Wo Ai Ni.” Because they are white, they believe they have the right to date kawaii little cute oriental girls. It’s okay to believe that Asian women are demure pretty lotus flowers or geisha-like creatures with big eyes. They sincerely believe that their love for Asian women is not on the basis of Kubrick’s “Me love you long time” scene, even though many would love to hear that from the lips of an exotic China doll. For them Asian women are beautiful and wonderfully demure. Not stereotypical at all. In their little white privilege world, Asian women are exotic and sexual objects. Let’s not forget, Asian women are weak and small that they have an urgent need to be protected and put on a pedestal. Oh hail, creepy white men struck with Yellow Fever.

Top 5 Symptoms of the ‘Yellow Fever’

1. A classic question; “What kind of Asian are you?”
2. Another classic icebreaker they like to say “Say something in your language.”
3. Even better, they approach you in another language like Chinese and love to say  to you “Wo Ai Ni”
4. When they swagger up to you and tell you how much they “love Asian girls”
5. They don’t know the difference between ‘Oriental’ and ‘Asian”

AND THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY is when they state their preference to only date Asian women.


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