The case of Cricket Australia and the TeleTurbans

Will the real racist please stand up?! Source from instagram

On Twitter, there were heated discussions about how Cricket Australia has taken the photo above from instagram and added their own flavour.

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Online on twitter, there were heated discussions about how Cricket Australia has taken the photo above from instagram and added their own flavour.

A friend messages me and asked if I had seen Cricket Australia’s tweet and if it’s racist or not?

 “How is some bearded Indian blokes dressing colourfully and looking like the player, Monty Panesar, racist?”

He points how that this incident isn’t any different from sport’s hero-worshipping, it’s like what we do for Boony and Merv Hughes. For many cricket fans, they would quickly laugh and exclaim “Monty!!!” It’s quite clever, well executed and never intended to be offensive. There are many out there who also think the same and say that it’s funny. Or/And think the problem lies with Cricket Australia who modified the tweet with their own comment “Will the real Monty Panesar please stand up?!”

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 11.19.58 PM


View Number Two

On the same day, a tweeter tweets me and ask for my thoughts about the ‘teleturban’ tweet: “Cricket Australia apologises for ‘offensive’ Monty Panesar tweet. Thoughts? Racist or not?”

The tweeter believes that it fits in more the grey scale of the discussion of racism. It’s not as clear cut as black-face, yet stereotyping is happening more here. It’s racist to assume that any Indian man with a beard and turban could be Monty Panesar.  Even the ‘TeleTurban’ guys are Sikh and they dressed according to the Teletubbies while still observing their cultural attire. View number two believes that Cricket Australia fits into being cultural insensitive and ignorant.


View Number Three

Cricket Australia didn’t intend to be racist, unfortunately they still were. While they have apologised for their offensive tweet, they didn’t mean any malicious intent. However, what is shown is the typical ‘Strayan attitude of making “casual” “innocent” racist jokes, and that we need to dismiss every “gaffe.” Pretending that it didn’t happen and keep saying that it’s okay, it’s only a joke, no harm intended.

View number three is pretty much accusing of Cricket Australia of being racist.

Want to follow the convo, head over to twitter and follow this stream: #TeleTurbans.
Or see it shown on the news here. 

What are your thoughts? Racist or not?  Share your own comments below.


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