Treaty and self-determination the way forward: @TheKooriWoman

TheKooriWoman is a massive Alex and True blood fan.
Photoshopped by @stringstory

Alex, you can contact me on Twitter: @TheKooriWoman cc @TrueBloodHBO

“Faux” feminists like Mia Freedman are holding back feminist and intersectionality debate in Australia, according to @TheKooriWoman.

And @TheKooriWoman added that she believed a treaty recognising the country’s Aboriginal citizens was the best way forward.

In a twinterview via the @TheTwoChairs twitter account, @TheKooriWoman agreed that Australia lagged internationally when it came to intersectionality, especially regarding feminism.

“It’s decades behind. And with faux fems like Mia ‘leading’ modern feminist debate, it always will be,” she tweeted.

A website publisher and television panelist, Freedman’s comments about rape and alcohol consumption prompted debate last week.

@TheKooriWoman said that Australia needed a  treaty acknowledging Aboriginals.
“Through a treaty will come self determination. Dedicated seats in parliament. And our voices heard thru elected reps,” she said.

And as someone who has weathered numerous trolls (and an MP who sort-of-but-didn’t-really apologise for his “get over it” comments), @TheKooriWoman had this advice for dealing with the sometimes brutal encounters involved in social media: “I disengage, walk away. Self care is paramount and something I cant stress enough. There’s no rule that says you cant come back.”

@TheKooriWoman, who is attending the Digital & Deadly Conference in Canberra this week, didn’t take much prompting to reaffirm her commitment to True Blood star Alex Skarsgard, during the interview.


Note: Whenever Mia Freedman appears on the television programme referred to, the writer won’t watch it. Her ‘respectful blackface’ comment earlier this year prompted this; her latest comments have fortified his viewing habits.

The storify of the twinterview is here:


I’ve interviewed politicians, international opera and sport stars, actors, and numerous fuckwits, but there was something about this interview that made me feel good about being a journalist. For what it’s worth, the Oscar winner I once interviewed and @TheKooriWoman are my two favourite interviews. I like interviews that represent how multi-faceted people are. It’s so easy to come up with a shitty three-word label for someone rather than explore their fabulousity!

The process of this twinterview had its challenges, as @TheKooriWoman was delayed, but that’s like ‘traditional’ interviews _ people are late, there can be awkward silences, stupid questions are asked and the fear of asking stupid questions hangs in the air. But that’s all part of the twinterview process for me. I know I’m alive!

And people are starting to provide feedback about how the twinterview could evolve. This is great, because I wanted to use twinterviews as another way of collecting and telling stories and engaging people, and I wanted to have something ‘special’ for Twitter.

And now a major international figure is trying to fit a twinterview  into her frantic schedule. Fingers crosssed!

From little Twitter accounts, big things grow …

Written by Chris Top

Source: Originally and sourced from Chris Topp’s site

Chris Muakcha Topp is a Sydney-based journalist who didn’t win the only Walkley Award he’s been nominated for. He has worked for community, state and national publications in Australia and New Zealand.


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