Shannon Keane shares his design & thoughts with @TheTwoChairs


Shannon Keane shares his design & thoughts with @TheTwoChairs

Hi Shannon, Thanks for being part of The Two Chairs initiative, we are excited to have you and your awesome illustration skills on board. Do you mind Introducing yourself?

Howdy! My name’s Shannon Keane. I am an illustrator/painter/designer/whatever’s fun or interesting.

How did you find out about The Two Chairs?

I found out about The Two Chairs through a mutual friend of ours, Steve Nguyen, on the ol’ Facebook.

You did an awesome design for The Two Chairs, what it about?

Cheers, glad you like it. I based the design on the impossible cube design by M. C. Escher. It’s an interesting design, depending on how you focus on it the depths change and you get different perspectives. I think that is something the Two Chairs Project is looking at achieving, getting people to see racism from different points of views.
I sliced out sections of the chair and you see the insides are flesh and bone. The point of that is to show that the chair is human, or more that the project is human. The pieces float off in different directions, as will the points of view and ideas through out peoples conversations.
What is your definition of racism?
Racism is judging or treating people differently based on their ethnicity or skin colour.
How do you think creativity can challenge/contribute to the discussion about racism?
Straightforward questions will receive straightforward answers. If you can find a creative way to engage an audience then you’re more likely to get them to think about it from a different perspective.
Where can we find your more of your work?
More of my work can be seen at Thanks for letting me get involved in The Two Chairs project!
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